Our Story

“It’s only the dreamers who ever move mountains”

"A second-hand white linen jacket, found by chance in Camden Town, immediately reminded me of the one used by Fitzcarraldo in the movie…

This is how it all started. 

The aspect and the handle of this 40’s piece were extremely pleasant, soft and perfectly fitting. It was completely the opposite of all other linen garments offered in many collections at that time: clothes in fabrics dyeing or yarn dyeing linen with a stiff and formal aspect that when dressed shaped bad and crumpled. The research of the highest quality linen and the best treatments.

Back in Italy, my team of Palladium Moda and myself to get the same result.

Our values


120% garments uniqueness results from a particular process named “garment dyed”, a technique which consists in dyeing the garments after being assembled, giving to the fabrics an extraordinary softness and a wide range of shades, tones and colours.

Natural fibres

An endless passion for the best noble fibres. The extremely precious linen, cashmere and silk yarns assume a brand new identity thanks to refined manufacturing techniques.

Timeless style

The timeless beauty is enhanced by the ancient fabrics elegance, quality and refinement. Our collections are able to express a timeless luxury, defining a sober but advanced elegance.