Clothes in cashmere, perfect to face an autumn journey


Whether it’s a holiday in a European capital or a business trip, the autumn season always brings forward an unfriendly climate and we have to be prepared to every eventuality. The approach to the autumn may be variable, according to the situation and to the kind of outfit you want to wear. Surely one of the most comfy and suitable fabrics is exactly cashmere: a noble material, with a long tradition, which never leaves no-one unsatisfied.

If we’re going to pack a bag and make the trip more comfortable it’s not enough to choose a lightweight garment: space and comfort are essential, but so is making the right decision. Semplicity is the philosophy of 120%: all it takes is getting dressed correctly.
But what are the ideal cashmere garments to deal with an autumn journey?

Long-sleeved T-shirt: the long-sleeved T-shirt is maybe one of the easiest clothes to wear when autumn gets darker. A light fabric that can warm up and protect from the evening cold, to be combined with any trousers.

Our 120% recommendation: crew neck T-shirt with long sleeves. The “fade” dyeing technique pulls out the natural features of the fabric giving the garment a real vintage look.

Jacket: the jacket is the most widely used garment on special occasions. Jackets can be more or less elegant, also according to the fabric of which they’re made up. An autumn journey in style always needs a cashmere jacket.

Our 120% suggestion: jacket in blazer style. Lapel collar, two-button closure and 3 patch pockets on the front. All done in “combo-cashmere”, eco-friendly fabric coupled with jersey.

The hooded sweatshirt: a name, a guarantee: the hooded sweatshirt is so widespread that it has become an icon of the casual outfit. A hooded sweatshirt encloses comfort and usefulness, as well as a dash of style if worn correctly.

Our 120% suggestion: sweatshirt with hood and zip. Sweatshirt with hood and adjustable laces, zip closure and unevitable front pockets. A sweatshirt of cashmere wool is convenient for all occasions.

Coat: even in a less cold season than winter, you can feel the cold climate late in the evening and the best solution is to take with you a coat that can cover any doubt. May it be long or short, skinny or regular, the coat is the most widely spread garment if you want to compose a fancier than normal look.

Our 120% suggestion: single-breasted coat with lapel collar. With a two-button closure and two front pockets, the garment presents an extended and slightly skinny design. A combi-cashmere fabric that can pamper you.

Clothes in cashmere, perfect to face an autumn journey
Clothes in cashmere, perfect to face an autumn journey
Clothes in cashmere, perfect to face an autumn journey
Clothes in cashmere, perfect to face an autumn journey